Publications and leaflets

The National Park Magazine

The national park and the world heritage in words and images. Text in Danish, German.

You will find more publications on the Danish website.



Scientific reports

Scientific reports focusing on specific species.


Leaflets and maps

Maps and leaflets about nature, culture and activities at the Wadden Sea National Park.

Nationalparkfolder: Oversigtskort og oplevelser

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Thematic booklets

In collaboration with the Wadden Sea Interpreter Forum (Vadehavets Formidlerforum), the Wadden Sea National Park hosts one or several thematic events every year. After each thematic event, the speakers’ presentations are published as articles in a thematic booklet.


Other publications

Various publications on specific themes which the Wadden Sea National Park publishes or co-publishes, or which it otherwise supports.


About the Wadden Sea National Park

Various documents and publications about the Wadden Sea National Park and how it was established.


Reports and documents

Various reports and documents relating to the Wadden Sea National Park and Wadden Sea World Heritage.