The Wadden Sea National Park

Our valuable history is our core narrative, which tells about us and the special nature of the area.

Our valuable story

When you meet us from the Wadden Sea, you immediately realise that there is a special power in the area. Nature is present to such an extent that on a stormy day it can seem intimidating. The culture is strong. The houses are different. People are moulded by the conditions of life. Even when we dance, we are special.

Nature is beautiful. And harsh. It is bright. And dark. The contrasts are unrivalled. Like when the day ends and the sun covers kilometres of wet beach with gold. The interplay is never the same, but always present. Meet it in the marsh. Feel the pulse of the tide.

The Wadden Sea is a key to understanding the big picture of nature. Indispensable for the world's migratory birds. It is a pantry. An enormous resource in every way, where we do our bit for animals and plants. We protect the world's natural heritage and pass it on to your children.

The Wadden Sea National Park embraces many stakeholders. We are enthusiasts with a common goal: to utilise, protect and develop the area with respect for the past, present and future. Both tangibly and physically, and by collaborating, sharing knowledge, developing educational activities and creating unique products for you to buy and taste.