Here you will find the 'story of the Wadden Sea National Park' in brief

Misthusum in Ballum Enge. Foto af Wasabi film

The Wadden Sea National Park was inaugurated on 16 October 2010 as Denmark's largest national park.

In the justification for designating the Wadden Sea, the Minister for the Environment emphasised, among other things that the area is a unique marsh and tidal area of international importance, a particularly dynamic landscape and ecosystem whose importance extends far beyond national borders. It is vital as a resting area for millions of migratory birds, as a breeding ground for birds and as a nursery area for fish and marine mammals. The area has a rich cultural history, including land reclamation and dyke construction.

2023Wadden Sea National Park's activities in the second planning period are reported on and evaluated
2018The National Park Plan 2013-2018 is revised and a new plan for 2019-2024 is approved
2017National Park activities in the first plan period are accounted for and evaluated
2014The Danish part of the Wadden Sea is designated a UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, where the German and Dutch parts were designated in 2009
2012December 21st, the "Wadden Sea National Park Plan 2013-2018" is adopted
2010October 16th, the Wadden Sea National Park is inaugurated
2010May 4th, the proposal for the Wadden Sea National Park is submitted for consultation and debate until September 9th
2009On March 30th, the municipalities of Varde, Esbjerg, Fanø and Tønder give their consent to the preparation of the national park proposal.
2008The Danish Nature Agency organises five workshops where everyone is invited to submit proposals for activities in the future Wadden Sea National Park
2008January 17th, the Minister for the Environment enters into an agreement with the parties to designate four national parks, including the Wadden Sea
2007May 24th, the Danish Parliament adopts the National Parks Act
2003-2005The Danish Outdoor Council supports the implementation of seven pilot and study projects to uncover the possibilities for national parks in Denmark, including the Wadden Sea
2001Report from the Wilhjelm Committee points out that Danish nature is fragmented and needs larger, coherent nature areas