Dogs in the Wadden Sea

The magnificent nature of the national park invites you to many lovely walks. This applies both to us humans and perhaps especially to our dogs, who get many more experiences from a walk in nature rather than in the block of flats.

Even cute dogs can be a frightening experience for wildlife. Help the animals by keeping your dog on a leash. Foto: Frame & Work

Help your dog not to disturb nature

To help us take the best possible care of nature when enjoying it with our four-legged friends, we have come up with some simple tips:

  • Remember that man's best friend should always be on a leash in nature, just like in cities. If you want your dog to run free, take a trip to one of the many dog parks. The leash should generally be one and a half metres long, preferably not much longer than that.
  • During the winter months, dogs are allowed to play off-leash on most beaches. In the summer, it is allowed off-leash in the water and up to the daily low tide line.
  • Keep your dog away from Blue Flag beaches (200 metres from the flag).
  • Always carry a bag and pick up after your dog. Help us and pick up the rubbish you find in nature and take it with you. Even if it is not your own.
  • Don't let your dog chase birds in the air at the beach. It stresses them and increases their energy consumption at a vulnerable time.
  • Take into account that not everyone is enthusiastic about four-legged guests with a cold nose - even if your dog wants to be best friends with everyone in its path.
  • Always make arrangements with landowners if your dog will be travelling on private land.
  • Follow the dog law, even in dog parks: If you can't call your dog to you, it must be on a lead.