The Wadden Sea National Park

On October 16th 2010 the largest National Park in Denmark was inaugurated. 

The Wadden Sea National Park is open for all – you may travel around freely, in the same way as when you visit any other place in Denmark. There are many opportunities to experience all the areas of the park and to get closer to its rich nature and culture.

National parks in Denmark When The Wadden Sea National Park was inaugurated, one of Denmark's unquestionably most important nature reserves became part of the Danish National Parksprogramme. The Wadden Sea National Park was the third out of five proposed national parks to be inaugurated, and is the largest national park in Denmark covering 146,600 hectares.

The park encompasses the Wadden Sea, the Wadden Sea islands, Skallingen, Varde Ådal, the area around Marbæk and part of the marshlands behind the dikes on

the mainland including Tjæreborgmarsken, Ribemarsken, Margrethekogen and the outer ”kogs” in Tøndermarsken. A kog” is land reclaimed from the sea.

All five national parks were nominated by ministers of the environment, in accordance with the group of national political parties supporting the law concerning the establishment of national parks in Denmark. The first national park to be inaugurated was Thy in 2008, then Mols Bjerge in 2009, The Wadden Sea in 2010, Skjoldungernes Land in 2015 and finally Kongernes Nordsjælland in 2018.

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