The building culture in the Wadden Sea area

The building culture along the Wadden Sea is something very special. Here, people have had to live with and against the sea for centuries, and this is reflected in the buildings. The shipyards in Tøndermarsken, the well-preserved village environments as well as the half-timbered houses and gabled houses in the market towns are all worth seeing.

Klægager was voted Denmark's most beautiful farm in 2017

A living cultural heritage

You will find some of Denmark's best-preserved cultural environments in the Wadden Sea region. As a visitor, you can, for example, experience the islands' skipper environments and a distinctive farm building style that provides a very special experience when you visit the area. Throughout the area, you will find single-long farms that have provided communal shelter for livestock and people. The farms, often referred to as Frisian farms, West Schleswig farms or long farms, are testimony to the mixed economy that dominated life in the area just 150 years ago, where working life was made up of seafaring, fishing, crop cultivation and animal husbandry. The location of the buildings testifies to the time before the dykes, when people built on high places or behind the dune rows so as not to be as safe as possible when the water was high.

Nørre Sødam is a farm located on a man-made elevation, called a dwelling mound.

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Uldgade in Tønder bears the hallmarks of the medieval town plan with narrow plots and gabled houses.

How to be a good guest

  • Remember that you are a guest in the area and respect the people who live here. Many of the old buildings still have people living in them, so don't get too close.
  • Always respect private property and the locals' need to use the roads. Park carefully and move your car if asked to do so.
  • Always keep your dog on a lead so that it does not disturb animals and people unnecessarily.
  • Pick up any rubbish you find and take it with you - even if it's not yours.
  • Keep the noise down and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Fotos: Wasabi Film, Ulrik Pedersen